Pen of the Day: Lamy 2000


Lamy 2000 with fine nib. You know how sometimes you have a pen that just fits you perfectly? You might overlook it for flashier pens, but whenever you use it, you think, I could have this as my only pen. The Lamy 2000 with fine nib is that pen for me, combining gorgeous modern style with a nib I love to use.


And I don’t know if this ever happens to anyone else, but I found such a perfect-for-me ink match that more than half the time I use this pen with one particular ink — J. Herbin Vert Empire.

Vert Empire is my favorite green ink, and since I just got a new bottle yesterday, I pulled out the Lamy 2000. Vert Empire shades beautifully. The gray-green color is soft and sophisticated, but still easy to read. It is a special ink. I am so happy to have it back, and back in this pen.


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