Ink Review: KWZ Azure #5


KWZ Azure #5.  This is a sprightly blue ink that does very well on poor quality paper.  I have been using this in a Lamy Al-Star with various nibs and in a J. Herbin fountain pen with a medium nib.   It has worked well in both pens, which is notable, because the Safari tends to write dry and the  J. Herbin has a wet flow.

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2 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Azure #5

  1. I was surprised by the red, as well. This is a blue blue. The red might give it some of its body, I think.

    But there’s another ink I’m going to review soon that’s a green blue, and I didn’t see that either.

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  2. Wow, this is really good to know! An ink that works with copy paper, yet does not choke up a dry nib. And the color is really nice! I love how you call it ‘sprightly’, what a good word for an ink! I can think of others that this would describe well 🙂

    Never would have thought there’s any red in it, but there it is! I love that you always do these chromatographs, they are so useful.

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