The Object of My Affection: Pelikan M600 Pink


This is the Pelikan Souverän M600 that Pelikan will be releasing next month. It’s pink. Two things I love are Pelikan fountain pens and pink.

Still, I have some other great Pelikans. So I don’t actually need it. I was trying to be sensible.

And then I saw this.


No more being sensible. Wild pink stripes?! Of course I need it.

And I know there’s a lot of “yuck” feeling about this color scheme, and some of the early marketing. As there should be. This one is definitely love it or hate it.

What I love most is that there’s only one more month to wait for it.


Photos of the pen are from this blog post by the very nice people at Iguana Sell, who have kindly given me permission to share the photos.

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