Pen of the Day: Parker 51 Plum


Parker 51 Plum with fine nib.  This particular Parker 51 is the color Plum, which was produced only for about a year or so.  No, you can’t tell by looking at the photograph, which is how I chanced upon mine.  The color is so dark it tends to look black, brown or burgundy in photographs.  It was entirely by accident, then, that I bought this on eBay.  Even in real life, however, the Plum color isn’t particularly noticeable.  However, I’ve always liked writing with the 51’s straight-forward, business-like fine nib, no matter the pen’s color.


I’m using Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst, Pelikan’s 2015 ink of the year.  It’s a red-leaning purple with a soft, friendly look and beautiful shading.  It seems to clean up easily for a purple ink.  I’m smitten.  Because it’s a limited edition ink, it won’t be around forever, and I’m sorely tempted to buy a bottle.


One thought on “Pen of the Day: Parker 51 Plum

  1. Oh wow. I’m not the biggest fan of the 51, but the Plum with gold cap is absolutely stunning. What a great find for you!


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