My Favorite Pelikans

Pelikan M620 Stockholm, Pelikan M600 Pink, Pelikan M710 Toledo

In the happy afterglow of a Pelikan Hub, I wondered what were my favorite Pelikans. On purpose, I didn’t look at my pens, didn’t sift through what I have, analyzing and attempting to rank them in any scientific way. Instead, I just thought about it, to see what came to mind. I ended up with a Top Four.

None are vintage. Oddly, of my Top Four, there’s only one I use very much. One I haven’t even seen.

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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Pelikans

  1. I rather like the idea of using dark pink inks in place of reds. Now that I have Star Ruby it makes a nice change. I do not have the matching M205 pen but have put it in a Pineider Avatar lipstick red model which is a pretty good match and a suitably gorgeous pen to lift the spirits.

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  2. I entertained the thought of making a Haloween costume that looked like a giant Pelikan box like the one the pink/white pen came in. Then I realized no one would get it.

    Dodged a bullet.

    I’m certain you’ll enjoy that red/pink/glitter pen, seems perfect. Good to get them now: in the future, the wheel will turn once more, and sparkles will be out and cutting-edge, fun pens will be all black. Hopefully, they’ll keep the bondage boxes around!

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      1. I have plenty of fun pens, it’s just that none of them look like that! Oh, regarding “dark pink” inks: my Pelikan M320 in whatever-they-called-that lovely marbled red has always been inked with Sheaffer Persian Rose.

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        1. No offense meant — I just meant my kind of “fun.” 🙂 That material in the M600 is called “Ruby Red,” I believe — I have the M600 version, and it is lovely. Nice ink, too. 🙂

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  3. I quite like the pink M600 myself, and am quite secure in my own gender identity to handle buying a pink pen. But I’m a little worried that if that strange looking box shows up in the post, my wife might get the idea that I’d not been buying pens.

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