My 2018 Ohio Pen Show Haul

Ohio Pen Show 2018 Purchases

I know I’m late with this. But I’m always late. It’s the Follies.

And are we going to let being late deter us? No! As Bluto Blutarsky, our Churchill, says, “Nothing is over until we decide it is!”

So here’s my “Here’s my Haul!” report. And, because it’s almost Thanksgiving we’re going to garland the pen talk with holiday trimmings. We’re stuffing ourselves. I do love a theme.

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17 thoughts on “My 2018 Ohio Pen Show Haul

  1. hahaha, that leg pen is so awful it circles right back to awesome. Wow. D’you think that hotel might’ve been a little dodgy? What’s the expression? No-tell motel?

    I think I’m watching too much Brooklyn Nine Nine, ’cause I can picture Andy Samberg saying this.

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      1. Oops: ‘grisly’ not ‘grizzly’. (Unrelated comment: for some reason WordPress will readily let me comment, but won’t let me like. Else I’d be liking many comments!)

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  2. Excellent report. My legs look exactly like those Parker 45s. Also, you are only the 2nd person I know who uses the term “chuffed”, the other being a drummer for a number of well-respected punk/metal bands. You are both in each other’s good company.

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  3. What an enjoyable post to read. That leg pen is great – it looks exactly like my leg! Or, it would look like my leg if my leg were made of plastic and I didn’t have the genetic challenges of being 5’2″ tall and fond of cake; and if I didn’t have the calf muscles of a cyclist. In fact, that pen is exactly how I believe my legs look whenever I am not actively looking at them! I am also liking the purple pen and the two Parker 45s.

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