A Peek at the Sailor Professional Gear Shooting Star of Jonuma and the Sailor Medium-Fine Nib

Sailor Shooting Star of Jonuma fountain pen

So here’s my “I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any more new pens” new pen. This is the Sailor Shooting Star of Jonuma, from a retailer in Japan. It’s a full-size Sailor Professional Gear in a transparent, sparkling blue-green, with white end caps that remind me of pencil erasers, and a medium-fine nib. It’s gorgeous, and I couldn’t resist.

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27 thoughts on “A Peek at the Sailor Professional Gear Shooting Star of Jonuma and the Sailor Medium-Fine Nib

  1. That pen. Oooooooooo boy. It checks all my Pen obsession boxes: Tealquoise CHECK, Sailor CHECK, Impossible to find CHECK, Sparkles BONUS CHECK
    I have been on the prowl for this for MONTHS but have not been able to get my greedy mitts on one 😦

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    1. Honestly, keep watching Rakuten, because even if they don’t make this exact one again, there were *a lot* of other Sailor limited editions that came out around the same time, just in different colors or with different accents or trim. I bet something close enough will eventually be issued, if it hasn’t already.

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      1. Oh I know alllll about all the other sparkle pens. There’s a teal green one that is named after a beach, Maldives Turquoise I think, that is also translucent and sparkly. That’s the one that started the hunt for sparkly translucent Sailors. There’s so many colors, but they’re always so few and so hard to come by. Why no translucent sparkle love for the US Sailor?!

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        1. Maybe US stores that could commission pen editions view it as too much of a risk? Frankly, a small edition is still a small edition: I wish Sailor USA would put these in the main line in the larger size pens, at least for a year or two, and see how it goes. But perhaps Sailor wants to reserve these for their smaller brick and mortar Japanese stores, to help those stores?

          I sort of think that if the demand exists, eventually Sailor will decide to meet the demand in a way that is profitable for Sailor. I do know Sailor has been overwhelmed with demand over the last few years, on many fronts: inks, special nibs and now probably these translucent pens. No doubt they’ll prioritize and figure out the best way forward, for Sailor.

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    1. Thank you. Yeah I felt bad about posting about this, because it’s going to be hard to find, but I figured at least putting the nib comparisons might redeem it and be helpful for people buying other Sailors in the future. 😊

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  2. I love those white end caps, by the way. I’m trying to pretend that sparkly blue green isn’t my thing so that I can remain satisfied with my new Pro Gear Ocean. I’m pretty sure it would 100% be my thing if I saw it in person, though.

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  3. I love Sailor MFs, though now I’m very fond of the M stub and the B stub that I got from Dan Smith. I now fear that my next rationalization for another Sailor will be the need to get an F.

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    1. OMG, you totally need a Sailor Fine! (If you like fine nibs.) And what a good idea: I would love a Sailor M or B with a stub from Dan. In the meantime, I’m worried I’m going to have to somehow figure out a way to buy the rumored Orange Pelikan M600 , and I could see getting that with an M stub from Dan, too.

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      1. Definitely! I’ve not long had a Sailor 1911L back from Mike Masuyama, that pen used to be a generic Sailor broad, but now it’s a medium stub and I am constantly looking for excuses to write with it πŸ™‚

        Dan currently has a Lamy 2000 of mine (that used to have a truly awful medium oblique nib), which he’s also turning into a medium stub for me–the anticipation is a killer.

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    1. Unlike an Omas or a Montblanc Writer’s Edition, where the number is on the pen, this one is numbered in only two places, the box and the nib. I like that. Sailor is all about the nibs anyway. πŸ™‚

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  4. I love Sailor nibs. I think the MF is outstanding, and I do have one. I’ve never tried a Sailor-Fine, but I have tried a Pilot F. The Pilot-F was just a bit narrow for my taste. The MF Sailor seemed just perfect for what I wanted. As I have written with it over time though, it does seem a bit wider in width than it used to with most inks. I might like a finer nib now, than I used to. I have an assortment of sizes depending on the job.

    I think the new pen is lovely. I imagine it looks better in person. I do love that color too!

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  5. This is nice–or should I say fine?–and the comparison of the nib sizes was really fine, I mean useful. That’s going to help with a couple of purchasing decisions for pens I’m not going to buy either πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!

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