Pen Review: Lamy Dialog 3

Lamy Dialog 3 Piano White

I bought a Lamy Dialog 3 in Piano White with fine nib recently, after I saw it on sale at a great price. I’d always wanted this pen, because it looks so cool, but I worried it would be too heavy for me. Well, it is heavy, but it’s still awesome. I love the Lamy Dialog 3.

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15 thoughts on “Pen Review: Lamy Dialog 3

  1. Some unsavory sort made off with your precious Pico?! A pox on them! A pox on their house!

    Now, this pen. I have seen it around, and it always peaks my interest. I have two Vanishing Points, and I like them but I don’t LOVE them. I go back and forth between if I enjoy heavy pens or light pens. I also have wristy tendonitis (thanks Tuba that was too big for me in high school and Starbucks old espresso machines), so a nice fat grip is often the order of the day. I think this will stay on my radar, and if I am able to catch one (that isn’t black because blesh for black pens) on the cheaper, I will definitely go for it.

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  2. May a religious benediction fall upon its general cardiac area. And a diet, that pen needs to lose weight. At least it is white, which *apparently* all pens have to be now.

    (Another great review, perfect amount of solid info without dreadfully dull info-only format. Still you, just with good spec stuff. Grats)

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  3. Thank you for the review! At one point I was looking at this pen and then changed my mind because I thought the barrel might be too thick. I’m reconsidering now that I have been having some hand pain that seems to get agitated with thin sections, so this is back on my radar =)

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    1. I think that’s a good point. That may be one reason it’s comfortable for me, too. (Rotator cuff tendinitis here.)

      If you are in the Chicago area and can come to one of our meet-ups, I’ll bring it for you to try. 😁

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  4. I like the look of it, and what it does. You showed me some things about the pen that I didn’t know. However the off center clip would drive me crazy. I would get them to fix it. You really put forth a lot of good material here, and it paid off big time.

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  5. That does look like a seriously nice pen, and a great review. No need to check my manners on this one 🙂


    Do you ever worry about staining those beautiful white sections and barrels? I’d be (already am) absolutely paranoid about every mark. I’d probably buy one, then be too picky over the pristine finish to use it properly.

    I am also really interested in the new Lamy gold nibs on sale on their online shop… I’m wondering about one of those gold nibs on my black or silver Aion. I’ll need to check that the Aion is fully compatible with the new Z55, Z56, or Z57 nibs; otherwise it’s an expensive gamble. Do you think the gold nib is worth the gamble?

    * Because Ms. Fountain Pen Manners is not the only one who can throw shade.

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    1. I don’t worry about that. Or I should say, I only use gentle inks so I don’t have to worry about that. 😁 I have some pens I don’t use, but most modern pens I buy to use every day. And I do. To paraphrase the great Joan Didion, every day is all there is.

      About the gold nibs, many people swap them in. Maybe someone will send me one to try on a Safari and I can actually check that myself. I personally love the Safari (Ruler of Pens) in part because it’s cheap and cheerful, which includes the steel nib. But the steel nib isn’t the highlight of the Safari experience even for me. I’m not sure if a gold nib would be a worthwhile upgrade for me, though, given the cost. I’d be willing to try, I guess. 😁

      For me, upgrading to the Lamy Lx nib probably is a more cost-effective purchase. I have a review of the Lx on the blog: the coated nib was great, I thought.

      *Ms. Fountain Pen Manners is generally very good at ignoring provocation. She snaps only every so often. That happened a few days ago, so she’s back to behaving with serenity and dignity once again. 😇

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