My Ohio Pen Show Pen: Parker 75 Thuya Laque

Parker Jotter and Parker 75 Thuya Laque

This year I went to Ohio not to hang out or shop but to work at our Chicago Pen Show table, selling a large number of pens from an estate. It was busy, and I was basically stuck there, so I didn’t shop at all. But it’s like working at a candy store. I ended up buying two of the pens at our table, both Parkers.

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14 thoughts on “My Ohio Pen Show Pen: Parker 75 Thuya Laque

  1. Loved your references. I was cleaning out a desk I was getting rid of and came across my Parker 75 Laque. Made in France, same mottled look as yours. It cost $85.00 in 1985. Glad I found it. It’s a great fountain pen.

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  2. Since reading this, I have pimped up my green Jotter with a gel refill too.
    And if Robbie Williams had been reading this post, he might have commented:
    “I’m loving ink gels instead/
    And through it all, she offers me protection/
    A Jotter love and affection/
    etc etc.

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  3. Can’t imagine finding a vintage Pelikan 400 tortoise for $190. Certainly not online. Perhaps this just reinforces the fact that online sales are often inflated compared to show prices? Anyway, love love loved the Elliott Gould reference. Highly amusing. πŸ™‚

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    1. I think it’s probably where you look online. Some prices are cheaper at shows but not always. I tried to sell my own tortoise at two shows around that price and got no bites. Of course YMMV. πŸ™‚


  4. This is a seriously awesome blog post. I learned a lot! I love your yellow pens, btw! I think I only have one yellow pen (a Franklin Christoph Model 45), but I love that you’re building up a collection! That 75 is gorgeous too, never seen that finish before.

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  5. “Chuffed.”

    Yeah, this was one of your best blog entries, certainly in a long while. A lot of great info and insights, all wrapped in a writing style that is like wires touching and arcing, sparks flying everywhere. Enthusiasm that is contagious.

    That is involved yellow and Jotters doesn’t matter much. I own two Jotters: an unusual one that a Parker employee customized on his lunch break one day, and the one my father had on his workbench. Honestly, they are a little too thin for my big hands to write for long, but I manage. Yellow, never.

    I always think of the 75 as the Sheaffer “Targa” of the Parker line: great instrument, well made, gold nib, lots and lots of finishes. I love the Thuya. Maybe that will be my one and only 75 some day. You’ll have to take the blame.

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  6. *waves hands frantically* Me! Oh, me! I am very interested in a Parker 51 aerometric for $50! ME! MEEEE!

    I VERY RARELY regret living in the Pacific Northwest but you have made me do so now. We just don’t have any big pen shows within driving distance.

    That yellow jotter is rad, and I love how it pairs with your Star Trek jotter.

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    1. If you are serious about the 51s, contact me via that link, or email. If you do it today or tomorrow, I may even be able to pick them up on Sunday. My email is my name at this blog address.

      Thank you: the yellow Jotter is indeed rad and the gel refill indeed makes it an experience worthy of Patrick Stewart or Chris Pine. πŸ™‚

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  7. Well I can see why you fell for both of these, after minding them for a week in Ohio. Good choices. Trust you, to find the inner Lamborghini in a yellow Parker Jotter. I have a bunch of Jotters around the house but my favourite is a dark green one, with the usual brushed stainless steel cap but a gold coloured arrow. I will henceforth think of it as a vintage Bentley in British Racing Green. “Drive on Parker”. πŸ™‚

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  8. I love both of your newest purchases! I also like yellow, and brown pens. There is nothing wrong with a Parker Jotter at all. I have a green one that was made in France. I adore it. Since I got into fountain pens though, the regular pens see very little if any use.

    I’ve never used a Parker 75, but it does look like a great little writer. I have a Sheaffer-Prelude brown tortoiseshell that was NOS when I bought it. It looks similar in color to your pen. I enjoyed the write up today, thanks Laura!

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