Deep Thoughts, of Pelikans, Lamy and Kaweco

Pelikan M605 White

1. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. For the first time in a long time, I am tempted by this new Pelikan, the M605 in white, that’s coming out in mid-October in the US.

I’ve been on the fence a bit. On the positive side, as an M605, it’s my favorite Pelikan size and my favorite rhodium trim. I like the silvery look of the stripes. The pen looks like a cross between a demonstrator and a pinstriped suit.

On the negative side, well, it is a fountain pen, and I have way too many of those already. I’d have to sell something to buy it. And it’s very white. Do I like white pens? I don’t. Though, strictly speaking, the cap and section of this “white” Pelikan are off-white, the same as on the M600 Pink and the M400 White Tortoise. It’s still going to lack any color, which those two pens have.

But I like it when I see the photo. It’s frosty.

Normally, I like to wait to see Pelikans in person before buying, because sometimes the pens look different in person. A number of excellent European stores are offering tempting prices, but without US warranty. And I’d have to buy without seeing it first.

On the other hand, I just found out from Dan Smith, the Nibsmith, that the MSRP in the US will be $475. Which means it will sell for $380 with the standard dealer discount.I think that’s still a bit more than the European price, but it comes with a US warranty. That’s incredibly tempting. Heck, that’s lower than the price of a standard green striped M600. Maybe we should all buy one quickly, before Pelikan changes its mind.

It’s a special edition, too, so not available forever.

Hmmm. Anyone else have any thoughts on this pen? Anyone else tempted?

2. Can you keep a secret? Someone I know is going to become a Kaweco and Lamy pen dealer. And I’m just super excited. Those are the two pen brands that I use all the time. The Lamy Safari is my favorite pen, and has been since it first came out. I love Lamy so much if I were seven years old some other kid would say, “you love Lamy so much why don’t you marry it?!” and everyone including me would laugh. But my laugh would be different; my laugh would be thoughtful. Because I would think it’s a pretty good idea.

15 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, of Pelikans, Lamy and Kaweco

  1. I find the whole size thing really interesting. With big hands you may think I would be happy with a 600 or 800 (neither of which I’ve ever seen here of course), but I do have a vintage 400 that is super comfy to write with even though it is smaller. Or is it? Significantly smaller than a 600? One day I will have to find out.

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    1. The M400 is smaller but that’s what used to be the normal size in the fountain pen era. The M800 is much larger, but what throws me off is the weight of its brass piston. I find the M600 perfect and the M400 usable. I bet there are photos on this blog of both together. I’ll have to see what I can find. 😊


      1. That’s super, Laura. Doesn’t look like a huge difference there. I have to use the 400 posted anyway, and probably would with the 600 too. Incidentally, waiting on a 400NN from Rick P, a green stripe one. Exciting!

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  2. Did you hear about the new Aurora Optima 365 light blue? For once, the Pelikan doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m on the fence about that one! It’s a beautiful teal blue from the pics so far…

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    1. I did! It’s gorgeous! I won’t be getting that one myself because I have the regular blue and chrome, as well as the regular green, but I really like how it looks in the photos.


  3. I think it is pretty. I like the brown tortoiseshell better, but it is in the 400 size. I would rather have an Aurora Optima, I think. I can’t afford any pens at this time, so I’m not tempted.

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  4. These are good questions to put out there, at the Pelikan Hub. Personally I do not yet have an M600 in my line up. An M600 of some sort is on my wish list but I would be happy with plain black, or the green stripe. But the white is real pretty and would look interesting when inked.

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