6 thoughts on “Music Break!

  1. The first one was pretty neat!

    However, The Safety Dance. :: shudder :: It should be outlawed from being played in public, including Weddings and Karaoke. With punishment for playing it being … I dunno but something really harsh!

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  2. Rule #1 of Blogging: Never alienate your audience! If you post weird music videos, they will come for you!

    It might be safer to use things like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eabefjsJsAQ

    I also think it is time for a break from the inks, and that you need to buy a new pen and review it for everyone. There are many pens out there, and you always do interesting reviews. It would be throwing a bone to your enormous fanbase after that strange video. Just a thought.

    I am now writing with a 1923 Sheaffer filled with Monteverde Yosemite Green, a surprisingly nice mid-, minty green. I highly recommend it.

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