Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Ivy 108

Papier Plume Ivy 108 writing sample

If you’re a Cubs fan, you’ll know why Papier Plume named this ink “Ivy 108.” When the Cubs won the World Series in November, it had been 108 years since their last championship. As for the ivy, the Cubs play in Wrigley Field, an old gem of a ballpark known for its tiny size and its ivy-covered outfield walls.

So that explains the name of Ivy 108. Here’s the ink.

First on cream-colored Tomoe River paper.

Papier Plume Ivy 108 writing sample

Next on Rhodia.

Papier Plume Ivy 108 writing sample

The shading is gorgeous.

Papier Plume Ivy 108 writing sample

Those writing samples were made with a Pelikan M200 with a medium stub nib. I’ve also had Ivy 108 in a Lamy Vista with a fine nib that I modified to write wetter than most Lamy pens. It’s flowed perfectly for me in both pens. I love the color of Ivy 108 in a wetter-writing pen.

I’m not sure if Ivy 108 is the best choice ink for the worst papers. I got slight feathering, and some showthrough, especially in the Pelikan, on more absorbent papers. It’s not horrible feathering, and the line still stayed tight. But with a limited edition ink, I’d rather save it for better paper, where it looks so stunning.

Here is a writing sample my everyday Staples Sustainable Earth paper, to give an idea of the slight feathering.

Papier Plume Ivy 108 writing sample

I am a green ink fan, and I have a lot of green inks, but I don’t have one just like Ivy 108.

It’s hard to describe the unique nature of this particular green. It’s a cooler green, with a slightly gray tone, but it’s more lively than most greens like that. Here is a swab comparison.

Papier Plume Ivy 108 swabs comparison

Ivy 108 is just lovely. When I got my super secret stash, I inked it up right away, and have been delightedly using it ever since. Ivy 108 — it was worth the wait.

It’s also limited to only 60 bottles, and available only at the Chicago Pen Show. However, Papier Plume has graciously agreed to give away one bottle through Fountain Pen Follies. Watch the blog for that, coming up soon. Meanwhile I’d love to hear what you think of this.

5 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Ivy 108

  1. I think it is a pretty green alright. I love green ink. It seems to me that Papier Plume likes soft often somewhat muted colors. I think the color choices are quite good. I will be trying more of their ink in the future. This green on certain paper though seems darker than some of their offerings. I’m going to get a bottle of Pecan in the future. For now I have that 15ml sample of course.

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