Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Oyster Grey

Papier Plume Oyster Grey writing sample

I put the Oyster Grey in my Edison Herald with medium nib for this first look. Gray isn’t a color I get excited about. I do own three gray inks which I use regularly, and think very highly of: Montblanc Albert Einstein and both Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-same and Fuyu-syogun. But after only a brief acquaintance, I think I may prefer Papier Plume Oyster Grey.

This is a fairly dark gray, which means it has good legibility. But the hue is sprightly and attractive — not dreary or depressing. And what nice shading.

Here is a writing sample on Rhodia.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey writing sample

I think Oyster Grey is on the wet side. It doesn’t dry immediately on fountain-pen friendly paper, at least not with the Edison, which is a wetter writing pen. There’s a slight color change as the ink dries, too, which I always love.

Here is a writing sample of Papier Plume Oyster Grey on cream-colored Tomoe River paper.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey writing sample

I know some Papier Plume inks feather on poor paper, but Oyster Grey showed an impressive resistance to feathering for me.  Here is an extreme closeup on Staples Sustainable Earth, my everyday paper.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey writing sample

I had some showthrough on the Staples paper. That isn’t really unexpected, since it’s a thin paper, a fairly saturated ink and a wet-writing pen. I had no issues on fountain-pen friendly paper.

But what I find most special about Papier Plume Oyster Grey is the color. To illustrate, here are swabs of De Atramentis Charles Dickens and Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun flanking Papier Plume Oyster Grey.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey swabs comparison

Charles Dickens is a green-tinted gray, and Fuyu-syogun a blue-tinted gray. Papier Plume Oyster Grey seems to have a blue tint, but it’s a stronger, darker ink than Fuyu-syogun, and more of a presence.

Two great comments below got me thinking, so here are more swab comparisons.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey swabs comparison

As with swabs, so when I write with it: Papier Plume stands out. No matter the paper, Papier Plume holds my attention. It will be one of the Ink Testing Station inks at the Chicago Pen Show, and I think it’s a great color.

Papier Plume Oyster Grey writing sample

9 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Oyster Grey

  1. Laura, that is a beautiful gray ink! It does look like Lexington Gray by Noodler’s to me. (at least what I have in a medium western nib) I am definitely going to get a sample size of this ink too. Thanks for showing this one to us. I am going to check this brand out! Another gray I liked was GvFC-Stone Grey. But I liked Lexington Gray just a little more. I have Iroshizuku-Fuyu syogun. It is a bit too light, but looks awesome in a flex pen. (and plenty dark enough then)

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      1. The sample of Lexington Gray was lighter by a little bit, than my bottle. I think is is a wonderful ink. I have it in my Neponset right now. It is darker though in my medium western nib. I’ve found it to be a great performer for me.

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    1. I found everything you said to be spot on. I got 3 samples in today. I haven’t played around with Oyster Grey enough to make a final opinion. I thought it was close to Lexington Gray, but it is not. It is as you say a blue tinted gray. You don’t notice it until you put it up next to Lexington Gray which to me is pure gray, and nothing else. The Oyster Grey didn’t seem wet to me, but the other two you reviewed did. Maybe I should go floss my nib. It wasn’t dry nor wet for me. The Papier Plume ink is lovely. I put it in a medium western nib. It is dark enough to read easily, and that is a big consideration for me. This ink came in a regular sample bottle for me, because they were OUT of the 15ml bottles of this ink.

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      1. Well I played around with it some more, and found I have to have at least a small bottle. I did some testing of gray samples a while back. Luckily I keep most of that stuff in a notebook. I found that Papier Plume-Oyster Grey is much closer to DeAtramentis Fog Grey, than anything else I’ve tested. I discounted Fog Grey quickly, mainly due to the longer dry time. But the PP Oyster Grey dried in almost half the time as the Fog Grey on Apica Premium paper.

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