Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Pecan

Papier Plume Pecan writing samples

Papier Plume Pecan. Okay, let me announce a total ink crush. Papier Plume Pecan arrived Saturday. The same day, I put it in a Pelikan Toledo with fine nib, and Holy Toledo! I’ve been writing with Papier Plume Pecan constantly since. It’s a perfect sepia color.

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12 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Pecan

  1. Ha! I immediately thought of Cacao du Bresil, too! Cool to see that someone so much more knowledgeable than me saw it the same way 🙂 These are both lush!

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  2. I got my 15 ml sample today. I think it is a great color. I loaded the pens up, but haven’t done extensive testing yet. It looks like I will probably be buying this ink once my sample gets low. I really like the color. I did try it on Rhodia dot, Tomoe River & Clairefontaine. It passed those with flying colors. Even if it isn’t great on low quality paper, I’ll probably get at least a 30ml bottle. I will know more after I have tested it further. I am so glad you decided to review Papier Plume inks!

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  3. First, they totally nailed it with this color. Second, being from the South, this ink really does remind me of the shells on some varieties of pecans. I have spend many hours shelling pecans for all those wonderful holiday desserts and candies. It isn’t the holidays if I don’t have sore finger tips from shelling pounds and pound of pecans. 😁

    I have been meaning to sample a couple of their inks, but this one wasn’t on my radar before today. I will be adding it to the ever growing list of inks to sample.

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  4. I like the color, it may be a little light for me though. Feathering though might be an issue. I don’t care for feathering, especially with a fine nib. I have a pecan tree in my yard. I’ve always loved pecans. This color is lovely in my opinion.

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  5. Pecan is a wonderful color, but your observation that Papier Plume’s inks tend to feather applies to several inks in their line, and not just on cheap copy paper. I think they do better with narrower nibs.

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    1. Thanks for the warning! I have six in total to preview — sounds like you’ve used a lot of these. Pecan’s feathering is within my tolerance range with the fine nib, luckily, because I have to have this ink. 🙂

      I wish more ink makers focused on that issue. I wonder if people like you and I may be in the minority in using fountain pens more regularly, and thus encountering a range of paper. It’s probably a chicken and egg situation.

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