5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, David Bowie

  1. At boarding school in the 70’s, listening to his new albums was an exciting, shared experience, whenever someone bought one. The album artwork was all part of the appeal, such as Aladdin Sane.


  2. I was more into Fame, Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Changes, Let’s Dance, & China Girl (during the Let’s Dance era)
    It is hard to believe he is gone.

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    1. Let’s Dance with Nile Rodgers! Great stuff. (I put up Space Oddity when he died — such a shock.) But let’s not forget Heroes. Another favorite of mine.

      You know, to me it’s all great. Even less great Bowie is great for someone.

      I think of the song that could be the theme of this blog, just for the title, which is Absolute Beginners.There’s that part, “If our love song could fly over mountains / could [laugh at the ocean] sail over heartache / just like the films.” That gets me every single time. That piano. Which for some reason makes me think of John Cage, who is sort of connected with Philip Glass, who is sort of connected with Brian Eno and David Bowie. So maybe. But that’s the thing about Bowie: he’s so much more.


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