New Clips for the Kaweco Liliput

Kaweco Liliput Clip

Here’s some welcome news: Kaweco is coming out with clips for their Liliput fountain pens and ballpoint pens. Two clips, because the ballpoints and fountain pens have a different diameter.

I reviewed two of the Liliput fountain pens here, along with the large size Supra. I really liked the Liliput. It’s a very small carry-around fountain pen with a really sturdy form factor, and the excellent Kaweco stainless steel nib also used in the AL-Sport, AC-Sport and Dia2.

And I think the clip’s a great addition. Because it’s such a small pen, I like having the option to clip the Liliput in place inside a pocket or bag. I’m not sure what the clip price will be, but clips for the Sport pens range from $3 to $6 in the US, so I’m guessing “reasonable.”

Kaweco keeps impressing me, because they keep coming out with products and designs that show they are fountain pen users themselves. I really like this pen company.


Photo courtesy of Kaweco press release




5 thoughts on “New Clips for the Kaweco Liliput

  1. A little off topic but recently I lost the section (Yes, I fell folly to the sink drain enjoying a fountain pen part. Darn my clumsiness. 😐) to my Skyline Sport and Kaweco’s customer service was very prompt and helpful in helping me source a replacement.

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      1. I love Kaweco too! They’re also doing a big marketing push here currently – I think the importer changed 2-3 years ago and the new one is really promoting them. Almost every independent stationery store now has at least some Kaweco products, many have a big, well-stocked display, including inks. It’s big progress compared to before because it makes fountain pens as a whole much more visible locally!

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  2. I do like those retro clips. They are fantastic. I am glad the Liliput will also have one for that size. I’ve never tried a Liliput, or a Supra. I do have this style on a Kaweco Skyline, and I love it.

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