I Came, I Saw, I Bought a Little: My Mostly Measly Ohio Pen Show Purchases

2016 Ohio Pen Show purchases

So what’s in the pile? Well, not in the pile is an old-style lilac Parker Jotter ballpoint that my daughter found at the pen show and took to school with her. The Jotter is the source of the giant pile of ballpoint refills on the left. Bert Oster from Bertram’s Inkwell was at the show on Saturday morning, and he sold us cool refills for her Jotter and my Lamy Pico.

On the top right is ink, because a friend brought me the limited edition KWZ ink from the recent Scriptus pen show in Toronto, and also a Pelikan Edelstein ink.

See those multi-color plastic pens in orange, pink, purple and black? Those are actually fountain pens, but not really for writing. They are from Richard Binder’s nib-smoothing seminar. I hope to to write something up about the class, because it was really great.

Dan Smith, the Nibsmith, sold me a Pelikan stainless steel BB nib, which you can see up front and in the middle of the photo. I’ll also write something up about that. Because that nib has one giant hunk of tipping that should be seen. It’s The Blob, in a good way.

And right in the front is my Green Moiré Sheaffer Targa. Because it slays.

Sheaffer Targa Green Moiree and Pelikan BB nib

Underneath it all is a pad of Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. The paper, the nib and the Targa were my only fountain pen purchases. (Yes, one could count the inks as fountain pen purchases, but I don’t. Accurate counting of inks is not encouraged here.)

So let’s talk about that pad of paper. My daughter and I spent most of Saturday not at the pen show, but seeing some sights in Columbus. With the help of the excellent Roy, we found some great areas to visit, and the cherry on the sundae was a store called Robert Mason Co. that we found in an alley. I’d never heard of Robert Mason Co., but we were walking around and it had a neat sign, so we went inside.

It turns out to be a store selling cool stationery supplies and interesting gifts, staffed by people who let you browse without bother unless you need help. And there was much to browse: shelves of fountain pen ink, some fountain pens (mostly inexpensive), excellent paper products and many other kinds of pens and pencils.

I picked up the Clairefontaine Triomphe there. They had Autopoint pencils on sale at a great price, so I happily bought one. There were so many markers, gel pens, rollerballs and ballpoints that it was like shopping at a brick and mortar Jetpens. You know what’s especially nice about a brick and mortar stationery store? You can try things first. That’s how we ended up with two (amazing) Rotring Tikky Graphic drawing pens.  My daughter also got a pink Itoya Calligraphy marker, and I replenished my supply of Hi-Tec C 0.4 mm pens.

I used to be a stationery store junkie, back when there were stationery stores. So I was in heaven at Robert Mason.

7 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Bought a Little: My Mostly Measly Ohio Pen Show Purchases

  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful mother daughter trip! Can’t wait for the post about Binder’s class and that jumbo nib. Any chance you might do a quick look on the Autopoint pencils?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tune in tomorrow for my look at The Blob. 🙂 Binder’s class, yes: it was so worthwhile, and I vow to write something up and post it. Great idea on the Autopoint pencil, too.


      1. Whoa on the nib! I had no idea there was that much difference in the tipping between the two.
        Fingers crossed on the a post on the Autopoint. 🙂
        Thanks for the great posts; I enjoy them very much.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Laura for this great post. Almost as good as being there! Have fun trying your new purchases. The Pelikan BB sounds amazing and I’ll look forward to seeing a sample, perhaps with the fresh bottle of Edelstein! Rupert.

    Liked by 1 person

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