Pen of the Day: Sheaffer Targa Green Moiré with Bookbinders Blue Coral Snake Ink

Sheaffer Targa Laque Green Moiré

Sheaffer Targa Laque Green Moiré. I brought this home from the Ohio Pen Show. Wow.

You may remember that I fell hard for my friend’s Green Moiré Targa a few weeks ago. But I never expected to find one for myself. I certainly wasn’t looking. I’m in a quiet period with pens: I feel more like selling than buying.

But the Green Moiré breaks through my “no new pens” ennui. It is the perfect pen for an “ooh shiny” person like me. Since it was dark when I got back home, these photos don’t show it at its best. But the Green Moiré lacquer is shimmery, flamboyant and fun. while also being elegant. Look how beautiful the lacquer work is.

Sheaffer Targa Laque Green Moiré closeup

I got very lucky because this Green Moiré has some scratches, so I could afford it. Also because it has a stub nib. And finally because my daughter (a) approved of it and (b) won the auction for it.

And I’m also lucky that my friend gave me the perfect ink for it. He had purchased a bottle of Bookbinders Snake Ink in Blue Coral that day, and had given me a vial to take home. He put Blue Coral in the pen he bought at the pen show, and I put it in mine. I think that makes Blue Coral the official ink for cool Ohio Pen Show purchases.

Blue Coral is a very appealing color. It’s a bit darker in real life than you see below, but the blue hue and nice shading are accurate.

Bookbinders Snake Ink Blue Coral writing sample

10 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Sheaffer Targa Green Moiré with Bookbinders Blue Coral Snake Ink

  1. So you bought a Targa in 2016, that’s three years ago. Now my wonder is… How come you do not have half a dozen by now?
    I do not know the prices secind hand in the US, but in Spain a plain Targa goes for the price of a Lamy Al-Star, and the writing experiencie is oh so superior…
    I have a dozen Targas but none is as gorgeous as this moiré, and none has a B nib. I truly envy this one…
    Beautiful review in a beautiful blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And, wow, another reason to move to Spain. 🙂 A plain Targa is still more than a Lamy Safari in the US — but you can get some vintage pens, including some Sheaffer and Parker pens, for close to the price of a Safari plus converter. I have even written about it, because it seems crazy to me, too.


  2. What a luvverly looking pen. I’ve got a tentative and quickly going nowhere enquiry about a Sheaffer out there, but nothing as striking as that green moire!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m apparently working on a Green Pen Collection. Others noticed and pointed it out to me, or I would have missed it. In fact, I would have said, “I don’t really like green.”

      We don’t know our true selves, do we? 🙂


    1. Fear not: there shall be no deluge of fountain pens here, of any brand. )

      Although, now that you mention it, there is another. Which is green. And a Sheaffer. And I did bring it to the pen show for Ron Zorn’s ministrations. I will have to write up a pen show report.


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