Kaweco Cartridges: Simply the Best?

Kaweco Skyline Sport Metallic Violet with Kaweco Summer Purple ink

I got that really cute pen, the Kaweco Skyline Sport in Metallic Violet in early February, and I immediately popped in a Kaweco Summer Purple ink cartridge. It’s seven months later — seven months of intermittent neglect — and that same ink cartridge is still in there. Still going.

Kaweco Summer Purple is an attractive purple ink. And I really intended to do a post about it. But life got busy. I forgot the pen was still inked.

Months went by. Then I’d find it and use it briefly. Then weeks would go by. But every single time I guiltily rediscovered this pen, all I had to do was pick it up and turn it over, for the ink to immediately start flowing. And by flowing, I mean flowing perfectly, without hesitation, skipping or blobbing.

Kaweco Summer Purple ink writing sample

Some of my pen-ink combinations have balked if left for just a few days unused. So this is meritorious service. Shout-out to Kaweco.

I’ve mentioned that Kaweco inks are nicely lubricated. And that Kaweco cartridges contain a little plastic ball for better ink flow.

Kaweco ink converter plastic ball

Clearly, it all works. What a well-made pen, what a great ink cartridge, what a great ink brand.

And Summer Purple ink is a nice color, too.

Kaweco Summer Purple ink writing sample


6 thoughts on “Kaweco Cartridges: Simply the Best?

  1. I have a Kaweco Sport that has had a Kaweco red cartridge in there since the beginning of this year. It has never dried out! “Simply the best, better than all the rest” I’m a Tina fan too. :-))

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  2. So far I have only tried the Paradise Blue Kaweco ink, I loved it. I had it in my Prera stub nib, and it was wonderful. So I know I’d like cartridges of that one. Now that I’ve seen the Summer Purple, I will have to try that one too, eventually.

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  3. I have only tried one Kaweco ink so far. I’m glad you made this post. I will try others now. The Skyline only takes international short cartridges? I do have a Kaweco in my future. When you gave details about use neglect, and it still keeps on ticking, that is good enough for me. I already wanted one previously. I would like to keep one in my purse. For check writing though, I haven’t written with a fountain pen. (I doubt if I will either)

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    1. Yes, a Kaweco Sport takes short international cartridges only.

      I’ll have to try a Kaweco Sport some day as a purse pen. I’ve gone to a Lamy Pico ballpoint, after it turned out the Pilot Prera fountain pen did not like the jostling it received as a purse pen. Love my Pico, though. 🙂


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