Montblanc BMW Ink: The Ultimate Writing Machine?

Montblanc BMW ink bottle and swabs

I got a neat package yesterday including this ink: Montblanc’s BMW ink.

It appears to be part of the Montblanc for BMW collection, celebrating BMW’s 7 Series cars. I say “appears” because that link only describes a lot of leather goods and a Platinum LeGrand rollerball and fountain pen. Unmentioned is any ink.

It’s almost as if they considered ink minor, or insignificant. How … strange.

These encounters with normal, well-adjusted people can really make a person wonder.

Luckily I have a friend who agrees with me that ink is the most important thing ever, who sent me a bottle. And it’s inked up already. Because, blue.

It’s a nice blue, with nice shading.  I’ll certainly post more about it, and do a review, in the days to come. Because, blue.

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