Things That Are Fun: Chicago Pen Show

Chicago pen show pen tray

The Chicago show runs four days. Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day for people with tables or weekend passes to check in. It’s “trader day,” because that’s who comes — the hardcore collectors and early arriving exhibitors. Only one small room is set up for trader day, as you can see from the photo on the first page. But it was hopping yesterday.

It’s good to get there early, to get first pick and better deals, and that’s why savvy collectors come on trader day. That’s especially true this year, because the show got a great consignment of amazing pens to sell, including many temptingly priced Montblanc Writers Editions. A lot of these sold immediately.

Starting today, there will be hundreds of tables at the Chicago Pen Show. Each table is filled with wall-to-wall pens, basically. The photo above shows just part of one pen case on just one table. It’s a pen extravaganza. It’s fantastic. I think of it like a museum.

Here’s part of another case on another table. Look at those gorgeous Wahl-Eversharp pens.

Chicago pen show tray of pens

I could go on and on. I probably have done so, too much, on Instagram. But this gives you an idea.

For me, the highlights of the first day included this pen, the Pelikan Madrid.

Pelikan M620 Madrid

I have wanted one of these for years, and I’ve never seen one at the show before. It’s a beauty. Too rich for my blood, but great to see it. I’m sure someone will buy it before the weekend is up.

The other trader day highlight for me, personally, was spending time with a dealer of Italian pens. There were four early Aurora Optimas in particular, that I am not putting on Instagram. I think because I’m still mulling, wishing, hoping. However, you guys are my peeps, so I’ll put them here. Prepare for overly gigantic photo of gorgeous pens I wish I owned.

older Aurora Optima fountain pens

Ah well, I am now officially late for Friday, so I will be going shortly. At least I beat the traffic. And “late” is how I roll, so it’s all good. I’m looking forward to the rest of today.

One thought on “Things That Are Fun: Chicago Pen Show

  1. Thank you for taking the time to let us people who have no chance to get there at all be somehow glad our bank accounts will still be intact at the end of the weekend 😉

    But damn, I’d love to get to that ink testing station, I swear.

    I hope you’re having a grand time, and don’t get too much over your limit 😉

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