Ink Snippet: Lamy Dark Lilac

Lamy Dark Lilac ink writing sample

Lamy Dark Lilac. Along with my Dark Lilac Lamy Safari I ordered a box of cartridges of the accompanying ink. In the Safari with medium nib, Dark Lilac ink is a nice dark purple, fairly saturated, and without much shading. It really flows well, too.

Lamy Dark Lilac ink writing sample

Here is Dark Lilac ink compared to two purple inks I own and then to a standard blue ink and black ink for reference.

Lamy Dark Lilac ink writing sample comparisons

Dark Lilac is dark enough that you could possibly get away with it at work. Depending, of course, on how fabulous your work setting is, and on how cool, or near-sighted, your boss is.

It’s a Sign o’ the Times that this purple also makes me think of the recently departed Prince. Would the Purple One himself like this ink? Oh yeah: it totally reminds me of the cover of 1999.

Lamy Dark Lilac ink writing sample

3 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Lamy Dark Lilac

  1. I thought you might like the Dark Lilac Safari – I certainly do. And on this occasion I’m going to stick with the matching cartridges instead of immediately swapping to the converter. It’s only taken me a few score years to realise it’s worth checking the top of the cartridge to see that the little plastic seal has been completely pushed in. It may not be the cause of every sluggish performance but at least worth a look. Plus a little dip in Diamine Majestic Purple just to lead by example…

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  2. I wouldn’t have thought the cartridges would give you such a brilliant shade of lilac there. It’s really very beautiful – and fits the pen perfectly, I have to admit. 🙂
    Thank you for showing this.

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