Ink Review: KWZ Maroon #2


KWZ Maroon #2. This is an ink with great color and behavior that is very similar to the original KWZ Maroon, but it is wetter.  That extra flow makes it well-suited to very dry fountain pens, and useful when you want to really put down a lot of ink.

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One thought on “Ink Review: KWZ Maroon #2

  1. Wow, look at all the purple and coral in those ink chromas! Never would have guessed those to be in anything called Maroon.

    You know Laura, you have really opened my eyes with this ink chroma thing! I’ve always done okay with colors – pairing them, using them to achieve an effect or convey a mood, etc – but I was totally blind to what *makes up* color, and it’s awesome to discover all that! *end bloggy fangirling*

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