Pen of the Day: Aurora Optima Burgundy Auroloide


Aurora Optima Burgundy with medium nib. This beautiful Optima is a great match for the KWZ Maroon #2 I’m testing.


I just reviewed KWZ Maroon, which I loved, so I wanted to give Maroon #2 a fair shake by putting it in a special pen.


Aurora took its red pen down a different path by making it a sophisticated burgundy. It has a rich, dark color, featuring deep wine reds and black, with chrome trim.

In bright light or sunlight, the acrylic shines and sparkles, but the photo above was taken on an overcast day, and brings out the name and logo: “Aurora Italia, Fabbrica Italiana Di Pennea Serbatoio.” Which Google roughly translates as Aurora of Italy, Italian Factory of Fountain Pens. But as usual, the Italian sounds much better. Grazie mille, Aurora Italia.

One thought on “Pen of the Day: Aurora Optima Burgundy Auroloide

  1. Wow, you really have a knack for matching pen to ink! Another made-for-each-other combination here. This aurora looks like really good strawberry jelly, deep and dark and broken into wiggly chunks (can you tell I’m hungry, lol).

    On another note, what KWZ lack in ink-naming imagination they more than make up for in ink formulating. I’m liking these non-gimmicky guys more and more!

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