Ink Review: KWZ Maroon


KWZ Maroon is another in the line of burgundy or maroon or garnet color inks that I’ve been using this January, and while I’ve liked them all, so far this is looking like my favorite. I used KWZ Maroon in an Edison Mina with custom-ground extra-fine nib, and in a Lamy Al-Star with a medium nib.

Though KWZ Maroon looked great in the Al-Star, I think it didn’t really love that dry-writing pen. That combination hesitated on startup when I hadn’t used it in a few days, and KWZ Maroon just felt a little too dry for that pen.  It may just be a pen-ink combination that doesn’t perfectly mesh.

In my Edison extra-fine, however, which is not a wet nib either, KWZ Maroon behaved perfectly.  The written line was legible and clear, the color was striking and the shading was spectacular. This was my favorite combination.


That paper above is Rhodia. On Tomoe River, which is cream-colored, I thought KWZ Maroon showed a slight brown tint, though it was still maroon in color.


Behavior was great. KWZ Maroon was very resistant to feathering, and I had no bleedthrough or showthrough, even on Staples Sustainable Earth paper, which is a thin and absorbent paper. A real bonus point, for me, was that it still shaded beautifully on Sustainable Earth, as you can see below.


Of the inks that I have, Maroon seems closest in color to Faber-Castell Garnet Red, which I discussed recently here, and still had inked up.


You can see that the colors aren’t identical, but they are close. I felt that Maroon was a bit more playful, and Garnet Red was a bit more sober, perhaps.  However, they don’t share writing characteristics at all, so they are better suited for different types of pens.  Garnet Red is wetter and more lubricated.  KWZ Maroon is more saturated, yet more dry-writing.


Here is a look at KWZ Maroon compared to a number of Diamine burgundy inks, to situate it on the spectrum.  KWZ Maroon is much less brown than Diamine Oxblood and much less purple than Diamine Syrah. It’s in the same time zone as Diamine Burgundy Rose (which is very close to Montblanc Hitchcock), but that slight similarity comes across more on white paper than cream. In truth, Faber-Castell Garnet Red is a much closer match to KWZ Maroon than is Burgundy Rose.


KWZ Maroon cleaned up very easily, especially for a red or burgundy ink. There is very little water resistance, though on absorbent paper some dye does remain after contact with water.


Here is paper towel chromatography of KWZ Maroon.

KWZ Maroon ink chromatography

KWZ Maroon, with that touch of pink, and its slight resemblance to my beloved Montblanc Hitchcock, seems an ink I’d be bound to fall for.  And I did. But I was particularly taken by its beautiful rendering from an ultra-fine nib, seen not only in this review, but also in this post.  Not to mention how low-maintenance it was to clean out of my pens. KWZ Maroon has rocketed to the top of my burgundy list.

But … there is another.


Yes. The other is KWZ Maroon #2, which I’ve got in two pens right now for evaluation and review.  In fact, it was only because I wanted to test Maroon #2 that I was willing to clean Maroon out of my Edison.  I still miss it, though.

I received this sample of Maroon from KWZ Ink so I could review it.  KWZ Ink is available online from at least one US store and also directly from KWZ in Poland.

2 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Maroon

  1. I simply adore this color family, and love this ink. I got the KWZ-Maroon back in January of 2017. I have it in my pen right now. I have it in a Japanese broad, but prefer it in a little smaller nibs than that. It flows fairly wet in that Japanese broad too. I don’t think my ink is super dry, but on a scale of 1-10, I’d call it a 4-4.5 or so. I also got KWZ-Green Gold, and Grapefruit. Green Gold is a great color too, but in some pens it is better than others. Grapefruit looks better to me in smaller nibs, otherwise it is too red.

    I also have a 30ml bottle of Syrah, it was one of the first inks I bought. Oxblood was an early favorite too, but I chose Syrah over that one. Sailor-Oku yama is another favorite of mine. Burgundy Rose was something I went crazy for. I used it so much I got a little burned out on it. Diamine-Red Dragon is another color I really like, and it grew on me the more I used it. It made it to the approved list. So yes, this is one of my favorite categories of inks for sure.

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  2. Another great offering in the brownish red family! It’s good to know that it behaves differently from the F-C Garnet Red – this way it’s possible to have (almost) the same color but in pens with very different needs.


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