2 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Maroon

  1. I simply adore this color family, and love this ink. I got the KWZ-Maroon back in January of 2017. I have it in my pen right now. I have it in a Japanese broad, but prefer it in a little smaller nibs than that. It flows fairly wet in that Japanese broad too. I don’t think my ink is super dry, but on a scale of 1-10, I’d call it a 4-4.5 or so. I also got KWZ-Green Gold, and Grapefruit. Green Gold is a great color too, but in some pens it is better than others. Grapefruit looks better to me in smaller nibs, otherwise it is too red.

    I also have a 30ml bottle of Syrah, it was one of the first inks I bought. Oxblood was an early favorite too, but I chose Syrah over that one. Sailor-Oku yama is another favorite of mine. Burgundy Rose was something I went crazy for. I used it so much I got a little burned out on it. Diamine-Red Dragon is another color I really like, and it grew on me the more I used it. It made it to the approved list. So yes, this is one of my favorite categories of inks for sure.

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  2. Another great offering in the brownish red family! It’s good to know that it behaves differently from the F-C Garnet Red – this way it’s possible to have (almost) the same color but in pens with very different needs.


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