Pen of the Day: Aurora Optima Blue Auroloide


Aurora Optima Blue/Chrome with fine nib. I filled this Optima for two reasons. First, it seemed like a perfect match for the color of KWZ Azure #3 ink, which I wanted to try. Second, Aurora has announced a forthcoming blue and green Optima 365 limited edition. And I’m tempted. So it’s time to appreciate what I already have.


First, the ink, which is a knockout. Not much shading; great color.


Second, this is such a beautiful pen. So I think that’s that. Phew.

2 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Aurora Optima Blue Auroloide

  1. oooh, what a gorgeous pen! The variegated blue is great, I love this variation on the typical Aurora orange and black scheme.

    The ink is a great color too! Even though it’s not shading, I still absolutely love it. So *brilliant*!


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