Happy National Handwriting Day, from Someone with Bad Handwriting


January 23 is National Handwriting Day?!

What the what?  Who knew, right?

Since I do like to write by hand, I’ll join in with good wishes.

I hear from a lot of people that they are embarrassed by their handwriting and that’s why they don’t write more.  To be honest, sometimes I wish our pediatrician felt that way — he’s the best doctor ever, but I cannot decipher his scrawl. Pharmacists must take handwriting analysis classes.

And I have terrible handwriting myself.  As you can see above. Sometimes I blame school.  I had to take so many notes, so quickly, that my writing just became terrible.  And it never improved. In fact, I have rotator cuff tendinitis, so it’s gotten worse over the years.

But you know what?  I don’t get overly upset by having terrible handwriting.  People have different talents, and good handwriting isn’t mine.  I still write by hand.

Not writing because my handwriting isn’t very good wouldn’t make any more sense to me than not singing because I’m not a good singer.  In fact, I’m not a good singer, but I love music. So I sing anyway.

I just figure it’s the same with anything: have fun.  Join the party.

So, let’s all write something today by hand.  It’s a red letter day.  (Look at the photo. Groan at the bad pun.)

4 thoughts on “Happy National Handwriting Day, from Someone with Bad Handwriting

      1. Yep! It’s a pretty useful skill to have, so I wish more/all kids were given the chance to acquire it. I speak a non-latin alphabet language where I wasn’t taught cursive, and even though I’m as fluent in it as I am in English my note-taking (at meetings or when brainstorming) is not nearly as fast or as comfortable as it is in English. Guess having to lift the pen after every letter really does slow you down!

        That said, I don’t think there’s a need for standardized or calligraphic cursive anymore. THAT one has been superseded by computers (well, technically by typewriters about a century ago, really!)

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