Happy National Handwriting Day, from Someone with Bad Handwriting


January 23 is National Handwriting Day?!

What the what?  Who knew, right?

Since I do like to write by hand, I’ll join in with good wishes.

I hear from a lot of people that they are embarrassed by their handwriting and that’s why they don’t write more.  To be honest, sometimes I wish our pediatrician felt that way — he’s the best doctor ever, but I cannot decipher his scrawl. Pharmacists must take handwriting analysis classes.

And I have terrible handwriting myself.  As you can see above. Sometimes I blame school.  I had to take so many notes, so quickly, that my writing just became terrible.  And it never improved. In fact, I have rotator cuff tendinitis, so it’s gotten worse over the years.

But you know what?  I don’t get overly upset by having terrible handwriting.  People have different talents, and good handwriting isn’t mine.  I still write by hand.

Not writing because my handwriting isn’t very good wouldn’t make any more sense to me than not singing because I’m not a good singer.  In fact, I’m not a good singer, but I love music. So I sing anyway.

I just figure it’s the same with anything: have fun.  Join the party.

So, let’s all write something today by hand.  It’s a red letter day.  (Look at the photo. Groan at the bad pun.)