Pen of the Day: Edison Hakumin Urushi Mina


Edison Hakumin Urushi Mina with extra-fine nib. This is a custom urushi pen from Brian Gray at Edison Pens and Ernest Shin at Hakumin Urushi Kobo.  I am very lucky.

The pen is just gorgeous.  The finish is Ki-tamenuri, which has a brown finishing coat and a yellow under-layer, which is easiest to see on the section threads.


The wonderful nib was customized as well.  Brian sent it off to Mike Masuyama to be ground extra-fine.  I asked for the equivalent of a Sailor fine.

KWZ Maroon is the ink.  Also wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Edison Hakumin Urushi Mina

  1. This is a gorgeous pen. Would you say when all is set and done that it cost as much as a Japanese urushi pen? I’m curious as to why you bought the Edison instead of a Nakaya, for example? Anyway, it’s as gorgeous as any of the urushi pens I have seen anywhere.

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    1. I bought it several years ago, but, yes, as I recollect it did cost about the same as the equivalent base model Nakaya.

      I bought the Edison instead because I could have it custom made by Brian and Ernest. I liked the idea of having a pen that two artisans had made by hand like this. Ernest worked closely with me on the urushi finish, first in picking the finish color and then in how it would look. (The finish coat could be light or dark, and he could add kanji or not.) So the Edison Hakumin Urushi felt special and personal.

      On the other hand, custom urushi takes months, whereas you can buy a Nakaya off the rack pretty much immediately, which is pretty nice.

      I actually later added a Nakaya Portable Writer. If people are interested, I’ll try to dig up some comparison photos. That was a mistake: this Edison is so much lovelier, to me, that I ended up selling the Nakaya. 🙂


  2. Yes, the shape of this pen is just beautiful! Really unusual, this smooth, almost seamless look. And the KWZ Maroon looks like the perfect color for it as well!

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