Ink Review: KWZ Cherry


KWZ Cherry.  This is a calm and peaceful, even restrained, red.  It is an attractive color and works incredibly well on lower-quality paper.

(click Page 2 below to continue)

2 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Cherry

  1. Thank you so much for letting me know about the photos. I updated the link; please let me know if they still don’t show.

    Hmm, posting is hard. Or, obligatory Bowie quote of the day: “I’m an absolute beginner.”


  2. Sounds like an ink to keep around! There’s always a use for easy-to-clean and good with bad paper. That it’s also a definite if subtle red is even better; aren’t most easy-to-clean, bad-paper-friendly inks blues?

    One thing: I can’t see a couple of the photos, only a filename instead. They’re both on page 2, 3rd and 4th from the top. It might be just me though.

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