What I Didn’t Buy in 2015

What I didn’t buy in 2015.

1. I did not buy any of Pelikan’s tempting M200s.


From the Café Crème to limited editions for Fountain Pen Hospital and Fahrney’s Pens, Pelikan had so many attractive M200 pens for sale in 2015.  But I held off.  The M200 is just a little small for me.

2. I did not buy the Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green.


I have been intrigued by this one, off and on, and it is nearly sold out.  I keep thinking that the Vibrant Green must look nice in person.  But I haven’t seen it in person.  So I decided better safe than sorry.

3. I did not buy anything vintage.

DSC_4959 copy

Well I tried, once, but the vintage pen I bought had a problem, so I had to return it.  I wasn’t really tempted otherwise.  I have turned into a modern pen person, I think.

4. I did not buy the blue Sailor Professional Gear.


I already have the perfect Sailor pen.  It was strange to realize that I don’t need another.  And by “don’t need” I mean “don’t actually want.”  I should take my temperature.

5. I did not buy another Omas.


I really thought about it, with Omas in bankruptcy.  But these pens are expensive.  Besides, I already have three gorgeous Omas pens, one of which is pretty darn perfect.  So that left me wondering if I should sell the other two Omas pens.

In the end, it’s funny to look back at all the things that have crossed your mind, all the possibilities. And instructive.  It’s a relief to me that I held off on these.  I was pretty tempted by some.  And I probably would have liked them all.  But none were as fitting for me as the ones I ended up with instead.


Well, okay, the Neon Lime Safari I bought is the sore thumb there.  Of course I would have preferred an Omas to that plastic glow stick.

I better go shake that piggy bank.  It’s almost next year.

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