More Fun with Architect’s Nibs – the Medium Version


I got to compare the medium Architect’s nib to both the regular Kaweco medium nib (on the left in that photo) and the broad Architect’s nib (on the right).  The pens are all Kaweco Classic Sports, and the ink is Diamine China Blue.

An Architect’s nib grind makes the horizontal wider than before, and the vertical narrower.  Here is a photo, repeated from yesterday, showing the differences in line width between the Architect’s nib in medium and the stock medium nib.


While an Architect’s nib provides interesting line variation and flair, the letters don’t take any additional space, so the medium Architect’s nib is useful as an everyday nib.

Here is a writing sample comparing the Architect’s grind with the stock medium nib.


The medium Architect’s nib does have a smaller sweet spot than the broad Architect’s nib. Here is a photo with the Architect’s medium on the left and the Architect’s broad on the right.


And the sweet spot is smaller than the regular medium nib, as well. The stock medium is on the left and the Architect’s medium is on the right here.


This smaller sweet spot means that I have to be more precise in my writing with the medium Architect’s nib than with either the broad Architect’s nib or the stock medium nib.

That’s why Dan says that it’s really important to pay attention to the angle you hold your pen when you order an Architect’s grind.  You have to write with it at the correct angle.  For me that became more noticeable with the medium than with the broad Architect’s nib.  I can be fairly casual with the broad Architect’s nib, because of the larger sweet spot, but with the medium I have to pay attention and keep the pen oriented to the paper at the proper angle.

I think that little extra care in writing is worth it.  The medium Architect’s nib may not show quite as much of the nib’s distinctive line variation, when compared to the broad, but it’s there, you can see. And I can use the medium size in more situations.


The medium Architect’s nib is just fantastic.   And I have another treat in store:  Dan lent me a fine Architect’s nib as well.  So that will be the next one I share.  And, not to spoil all the surprise, it’s fantastic, too.

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