Fountain Pen Favorites for November 2015


This is the last day of November.  The Christmas tree is up and decorated.  And we’ve only had four of the light bulbs fizzle in 24 hours, so there’s at least a 10 percent chance it will stay lit all season.

And we’ve already  triggered our traditional winter visit to the auto body shop.  Yesterday the teenager with the learner’s permit borked a right turn, ran over the curb and rammed into a sign post.

Luckily, that did stop the car.  So it didn’t hit the two neighbors right there on the sidewalk.   That’s a silver lining.  And here’s another:  we’ve mutually agreed that dad needs to take her in the future.  Apparently I yelled “stop” too much.

Well, it’s obviously time to focus on the past, rather than the future.  So here are my own fountain pen favorites for November.

1. Kaweco. I love those AL-Sports in raw aluminum and stonewashed.

2. Seitz-Kreuznach. Those inks are such a great deal and such high quality that if I were starting out today I’d snap up the blue, black, red and brown Seitz-Kreuznach inks and probably use them for half my writing.

3. Pelikan Brilliant Black. Sure, it’s not exciting, or new.  But I used Pelikan Brilliant Black a lot during a hellish month of work this November.  And I appreciate it.  It’s an ink I can count on.


Photo by Dafne Cholet, Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Favorites for November 2015

  1. Funny! Well, not the accident part:( Years ago oldest son totaled our car right after he’d gotten his license, in a parking lot, no less! On the morning of Homecoming Dance so the girl had to drive… he’s married now so not my worry any longer!


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