Pen of the Day: Montblanc LeGrand


The platinum trim is nice. The nib is, too. I say it’s a fine nib, but it may be an extra-fine. When you buy a used Montblanc you sometimes aren’t sure. In this case, even my seller wasn’t sure. It’s definitely very fine for a Montblanc. Whatever it is, I like writing with it.


Rohrer & Klingner is my favorite type of ink: well-behaved, utterly reliable and available for a reasonable price. It’s also a brand that doesn’t get much mention, apart from its two iron gall inks. But I like its regular inks, too.

Blau Permanent, or Permanent Blue, isn’t an iron gall and it isn’t actually permanent, either. It’s just not expressly washable. I like the color. It reminds me of denim.

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