First Look: Seitz-Kreuznach Pacific Blue


I liked both the color and behavior of Seitz-Kreuznach Pacific Blue. I used it in cartridge form in a Kaweco Sport with broad and extra-fine nibs.


Like all the Seitz-Kreuznach inks I’ve tried, Pacific Blue is well-behaved. It flows very nicely and feels lubricated. It resists feathering extremely well. It cleans up easily. As a corollary, it is not particularly water-resistant. Here are the remnants after soaking Rhodia and a more absorbent paper.


Pacific Blue can look a bit pale from a dry extra-fine nib, but wetter or wider nibs bring out its sprightly color. Pacific Blue shades very nicely. Its pure blue hue reminds me a little of Parker Quink Washable Blue.


Seitz-Kreuznach Pacific Blue fits right in my oft-used, and beloved, “standard blue” ink lineup. Here are some comparable inks.


Here is paper towel chromatography of Seitz-Kreuznach Pacific Blue.


Seitz-Kreuznach sells Pacific Blue, and its other inks, at a great price, with very reasonable shipping charges. Living outside the EU, I order from Seitz Global, which offers Seitz-Kreuznach ink in 100 ml glass bottles for $9.90 and in 20 ml glass bottles for $3.25. Short international cartridges are $2.19 for eight or $3.62 for 14. George Seitz kindly added this cartridge to an order I placed, so I could sample the ink, before they started selling the smaller bottles.

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