First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest


Magical Forest is one of the shimmeriest of Shimmertastic inks.  Using it in the Kaweco Sport with broad nib no doubt helps, but this ink really pops. I think it has to be the most dramatic of the four silver inks.

It looks so silvery that the writing almost seems to stand off the page. Sometimes with the Shimmertastic inks, it can be a challenge to capture the shimmer in photos. Often the ink looks more shimmery in real life. But not with Magical Forest. In fact, I had to tone down the following photo of Magical Forest on Clairefontaine paper.


Here is Magical Forest on Tomoe River paper.


And here is Magical Forest on Rhodia dot paper.


Magical Forest has behaved well, like all the Shimmertastic inks I’ve used, flowing nicely and starting up without issue. The ink has some shading, but in person the shading is not as noticeable as in photos, because the main effect is the beautiful silvery shimmer. It’s like a dewy field in the early morning, when the low sun reflects off the grass.

I received this ink sample from Diamine, and I would love to pass along the favor and let someone else try Magical Forest. So if anyone would like to receive a free sample from me, just leave a question or comment below. If there’s more than one interested person, I’ll randomly choose.


6 thoughts on “First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest

  1. Slytherin ink 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    It’s fascinating how the shimmer is super obvious in the swatch on ivory paper, but barely-there in the swatch on white paper. Does it kind of blend in with the white, or what?


    1. Actually, I had to tone down the Clairefontaine photo, because it was almost blinding. There were too many highlights between the bright white paper and the silvery shimmer. This was taken on a cloudy day, too. Magical Forest is super shimmertastic. 🙂

      Also, that’s a broad nib, I should keep saying. 🙂


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