First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Sparkling Shadows


Sparkling Shadows is one of the more subtle Shimmertastics. The base gray ink is calm and peaceful, with nice shading. With the added gold particles, Sparkling Shadows reads to me like silver and gold.

This is the ink I’d use to address invitations to a New Year’s Eve party, if I were having a really fabulous one.

Here is what Sparkling Shadows looks like on white Clairefontaine paper.


Here it is on Tomoe River. I can’t decide if white or off-white paper is my favorite with Sparkling Shadows.


Here is Sparkling Shadows on Rhodia dot paper.


Sparkling Shadows is a well-behaved ink, too. It flowed smoothly and dried quickly on the page. I can tell it will be easy to clean; I learned that inadvertently.


I really like Sparkling Shadows. It’s a quieter color, but there is so much gold that in person it never looks blah. You see the shimmer and see gold and silver, not dark gray.  I was pleasantly surprised by that.

I received this ink sample from Diamine. I would love to pass along the favor and let someone else try Sparkling Shadows. So if anyone would like to receive a free sample of Sparkling Shadows from me, just leave a question or comment below. At the end of the week, I’ll randomly choose one person to receive a sample.

6 thoughts on “First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Sparkling Shadows

  1. I hope I win a giveaway because there is no way I can buy all these inks guilt-free! But they are too exciting to pass up! Reminds me of the sparkly gel inks I played with as a kid. Now for adults 🙂


  2. This is actually the same color combination as Herbin Stormy Gray – gray ink, gold flecks. Have you tried that?

    I agree, it’s a very ‘New Year’s Eve’ sort of ink! Nice to have one of those too, there are so many Christmassy inks but NYE gets neglected 🙂


    1. Yes! Honestly, my sample of Sparkling Shadows shows a lot more gold shimmer than my bottle of Stormy Grey ever did. Could have been just my bottle, however. I thought Stormy Grey was very well-behaved and cleaned up easily, and I hope Sparkling Shadows is the same way.


    1. These particular photos all were taken outside, albeit not in direct sunlight, because that wouldn’t work well. The best way to see the shimmer from these inks is to hold the paper at an angle.

      Sparkling Shadows is not blinding or super shiny. It is one of the more subtle Shimmertastics. Compare Sparkling Shadows to Magical Forest, which will be posted tomorrow, and I think you’ll see a difference.

      Of course, the broader and wetter the nib you use, the more particles of gold or silver will come through. So if you want to make any of these more or less shiny, pen choice will help. Paper, too. It’s really fun to experiment with these, and each of the ten is different.


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