Wednesday Realization


Happy news: I’m going downtown in an hour to catch up with some friends and have lunch.

Bad news: I really need a blowout.  And just what am I going to wear?

Question: Do men think this way?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Realization

  1. I had to struggle to get past the part where the words ‘think’ and ‘men’ were used in the same sentence. Got there in the end. In my experience, as a bloke, no. For non-work/funeral/wedding type things even matching is ignored. Well it is in my case. Who says you can’t wear blue and black together? Sheesh! 🙂


  2. Bright sunny morning, actually, but I was in the shade. As a booster of our fair city, I should probably claim that Chicago-area asphalt is more attractive than most…. 🙂


  3. Haha, yeah – I think some do! But in other ways and for other reasons. I think for us it can also be a by-product of having so many options to choose from – colors, styles, cuts, even garments! Men mostly just need to make sure things fit properly. It’s not so hard to tell a ‘suit and tie’ occasion from a ‘jeans and tee’ one, and colors are easy to match when everything but shirts is generally dark and muted 😛 Choice is nice, but sometimes it’s also overwhelming!

    Sidenote: the road surface looks oddly mesmerizing in this photo; all those blacks, whites, and grays mixed together. Did you have a cloud cover when you took it?

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