Off to the Nibmeister


I have a few fountain pens that have some issues I haven’t been able to, or haven’t had time to, fix myself. A pen with a great nib is a joy. But pen with a nib that pops out of alignment or writes poorly is a source of frustration and disappointment.

I’ve been so busy dealing with fire drills on the home front, or work, or things that had to be done for family members, that my misfit pens have sat on a shelf waiting for help for months. It’s especially silly because I have a friend, Dan Smith, who does excellent work on pens and nibs as the Nibsmith. I’ve been promising, or threatening, to send these to Dan since May.

This morning I decided to put all that other stuff aside for a bit and send off my pens. It’s Monday — a good day to make a fresh start. Sure, I still need to do three thousand other things today. But sometimes you need to put aside the demands of everyday life, and do something long-term, and for yourself.

And so, my pens are off to the nibmeister.


2 thoughts on “Off to the Nibmeister

  1. oooh, don’t you just love that feeling of finally dealing with a job that’s been dragging for ages? I know I do! Sometimes it even turns out to be much easier or less time-consuming than you thought, so you feel a little sheepish in there too, but it’s still great!

    Here’s to a great nib makeover!!

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