First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Brandy Dazzle


That’s Brandy Dazzle on Clairefontaine paper, but it has the same incredible shine and shimmer on every paper I tried.

I have Brandy Dazzle in a Pelikan Ibis with broad nib.  I think it’s going to love, and perhaps need, wetter pens.  I tried it in a dry fine nib, and didn’t get anywhere.  I  also think Brandy Dazzle is going to be particularly suited to flex pens: the more ink you put down, the more gold particles you get and the more it shines.

And I think Brandy Dazzle will be among the most popular of the Shimmertastic inks.   It really does dazzle.

Here it is on Tomoe River paper.


It has the same pop on Rhodia.


There is really nothing I can write that says more than the photos. The ink really does shimmer. Here’s a photo that was taken straight on, on a cloudy day with no direct light source, and even in those flat conditions Brandy Dazzle still shines.


Brandy Dazzle looked so much like Diamine’s Ancient Copper that I had to compare swabs. It is interesting that Brandy Dazzle is lighter. It looks like Diamine may have toned down the Ancient Copper base for Brandy Dazzle, knowing the gold particles would ramp the color back up again.


2 thoughts on “First Look: Diamine Shimmertastic Brandy Dazzle

  1. Look at that shading! That sheen! It’s just out of this world 🙂 It’s funny because it doesn’t look like much in the swab – I guess it’s the kind of ink you need to write with to really see what it can do.

    I really like the last photo – all the writing is lined up everywhere all regular and even, and with this beautiful ink if you click on it to enlarge the photo it takes up the whole screen and looks like a screensaver!

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