Off-Topic: In the Garden


In the evening, with the sharp summer sun set, the humblest blooms catch your eye.

At the top are the late summer flowering of an unknown, undistinguished hosta that serves as ground cover in a shady spot in our side yard.


This is a clump of bloom from Phlox paniculata ‘David’ — a common garden plox in a mildew-resistant variety that is in the last throes of bloom. The foliage is tired this time of year, and the blooms are less full. But like many fleeting things, if you look closely for the moment, it’s beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Off-Topic: In the Garden

  1. I like how you’ve made these just a touch underexposed and not too contrasty, compared to how flowers are typically photographed, where they’re as exposed and contrasty as they can push ’em 😛 This way maintains the color and shape but gives them an added air of mystery and intimacy that conveys the sense of being in a garden with these around 🙂


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