A Peek at the Pen Cup

There are a lot of Lamy Safaris in there.  I’m testing a few ink samples.  The Safari is a favorite pen for trying new inks, because I can switch in different nib widths.  And the ability to color-code inks and pens saves limited brain cells.

There’s my beloved Montblanc LeGrand with black ink.  I always have a pen filled with black ink.  There’s my Emerald of Chivor pen, a Pelikan M600.  There’s a tiny Kaweco Sport — my son’s.  There’s an old Waterman Laureat; that was one of the first fountain pens I ever owned.  I left that filled with Waterman Blue for maybe 10 years, clipped inside a spiral notebook.  When I found the Laureat a few years ago, I only had to flush it out with water, and the pen wrote as well as ever.  Its poor clip has been bent out of shape after a decade attached to the notebook.   Bumps and bruises don’t matter; its still works.


There’s a rollerball in there, for its waterproof ink; someone gave it to my husband as a business gift, and he passed it along to me.  There’s also a Lamy Safari ballpoint and two mechanical pencils.  I use them, but more importantly they give other people something to use.

The ballpoint and one of the mechanical pencils are pink.  Not just because I like pink.  But also so my husband doesn’t walk away with them.  Marriage is of course a matter of  love and commitment, communication and compromise.  But a bit of strategy comes in handy, too.

4 thoughts on “A Peek at the Pen Cup

  1. Fun post. I also have a Waterman Laureat that I bought from an antiques mall a few years back. It came in the original box and was in near mint condition. It was used before, but apparently very gently. After washing out the ink that was in it, it wrote like a champ. The only issue I’ve ever had with that pen is that the nib dries out pretty quick. If I don’t use it everyday, the ink will darken from evaporation for the first few sentences until it starts to write normal again after it uses up some of the ink in the feed that was exposed to air. I love the pen otherwise. I have an old Waterman ballpoint that seems very similar to your old Laureat. It’s extremely scratched and beat up but still writes perfectly.


  2. It’s from Target. 🙂 Muji I love, but we don’t have them in Chicago yet.

    I am very careful with my pens, over all, but I’m oddly relaxed about the pen cup. I like having the pens accessible, so they can be used. The only exception is my urushi pen, which I do keep inside a little fabric case when inked, so UV light doesn’t hit it. But that little urushi pen case goes in the pen cup, too. 🙂


  3. aah, look at them all peeking over the top! So cute! Am I anthropomorphizing too much? (uh, ya think?)

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who stores her pens like this, so they’re touching. There’s some in the pen community who’d be scandalized even if you’d used ALL non-fancy pens like the safari or Kaweco sport. Doing it with a Montblanc and a Pelikan in there, wow, I can totally hear the grinding teeth hehe. But if you know you’re unlikely to want to sell a pen (at least, not for much), and you use it a lot, why not embrace any scratches as the marks of your use that make it uniquely yours?

    The pen cup looks great – love those sections. Is it from muji?


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