Lamy Safari Week – Day Seven: It’s Not Easy Being Green


This is the only Safari I really dislike. This is the 2015 Neon Lime. While I know it has its fervent fans, I’m sorry to say that I personally am over my limit with both green Safaris and neon Safaris.

I see that I’ve kept the cardboard spacer in place.  No other Safari of mine wears that cardboard collar.  It’s almost a sign of rejection, or silent protest.  I’m saying, It is never going to be inked.  Oh yeah, I bought it, but I won’t use it.  Take that, Lamy person who keeps making everything green.

I think I did mention earlier in the week that the Safari was made for middle schoolers?  That level of maturity may ring a bell here.

But then, I decided to do a Lamy Safari Week.  And, while I was photographing the Safaris, I accidentally realized something. That awful Neon Lime Safari actually looks very nice next to the Pink Safari.  And I love my pink one.  So is it possible that Neon Lime is not that bad after all?

Darn you, Lamy.  There is truly nothing about the Safari I can’t grow to appreciate — not even neon lime.


2 thoughts on “Lamy Safari Week – Day Seven: It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Yes, but like a mojito that’s been exposed to nuclear radiation. Still, at that point, you probably would have been too, so drink up and enjoy. Viva el Mojito Safari!

    That does make me like it better. 🙂


  2. I actually love this! It’s like a mojito Safari 🙂 Perfect late-summer color 🙂

    heh – when I saw the pink on Day Two I thought, hmm, I’d love to see this with a yellow/light green fluro, and went looking for a piece of paper in this color to check. I’d decided that if it did I’d make it into a notebook cover so I could photograph it and post as a comment 🙂 Couldn’t find anything in my paper stash in the end, sadly, so it’s nice to find out they do match!

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