Lamy Safari Week – Day Six: One Tough Customer


This is the current Charcoal Safari.  It might be a boring color for a Safari, but it’s one of my favorites to actually use.

Unlike the other regular-line Safaris, the Charcoal Safari has a matte, textured plastic body.   That makes it much more scratch and wear-resistant.  It’s also nice to grip.

I wish Lamy used this matte plastic more often.  It isn’t new to the Safari: it was used in the early Savannah Green and Terracotta models.  It’s tougher and it’s more discreet, which is nice at times.

And, as long as I’m writing a wish list, why not reissue the Savanna Green and Terracotta Safari for a while?  It would be a fitting tribute to the history of the pen to see those colors in the hands of users once again.

2 thoughts on “Lamy Safari Week – Day Six: One Tough Customer

  1. This color is probably a big reason for my initial dislike of Safaris. Combined with the angular, blunt-cut aesthetic of their design, it looks a bit too brutalist whereas with the bright, shiny colors, the severity gets softened to make a design that looks more balanced to my eyes, more fun and playful. But the first safari I saw was like that and I would think of this first for the longest time!

    But I can see how it’s great if you already love the design but are looking for a way to carry on using it in situations that call for something more subtle 🙂

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  2. Out of all of the Safaris, I would buy the black matte one as my first preference. I like the matte version and think it would make it easier to write with.

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