Why I Like an Ink That Is Easy to Clean

fountain pens needing to be cleaned

I had this on my counter the other day: nine pens, all needing to be cleaned out.

You know how there are people who love cleaning things? Who find it meditative or restful or enjoyable?

Yeah, I’m not one of those people. So I love inks that are easy to clean.

Most of these were, actually. Montblanc William Shakespeare was the only exception. Not a total surprise. And I survived. “Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day.”


Ink Snippet: Montblanc William Shakespeare Velvet Red

Montblanc William Shakesepare Velvet Red ink and bottle

My Montblanc William Shakespeare Velvet Red ink just arrived, which makes for a happy Thursday at Fountain Pen Follies.

I could be all laid back and cool, and pretend I haven’t been checking the front porch since Monday for my order from the lovely people at Pen Boutique. But that would be a lie. And anyway, no one would believe me.

Here are some first impressions and some quick photos.

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