Pen Twins: Aurora Optima Nero Perla


My friend Chris just bought a pen that I also have, and adore: the Aurora Optima in Nero Perla. Don’t look now, but I think that makes us pen twins.

I couldn’t resist inking my Nero Perla at the same time. And the Nero Perla is the perfect pen for me right now. After having tested so many colorful inks recently, I was ready for a black ink. The choice was Stipula Ebony Black, a lighter black with nice shading that is one of my favorite black inks.

Chris chose Diamine Vivaldi, from the Music Set, which is a great gray purple and an inspired choice. I have a feeling I will shamelessly copy the same combination very soon.


Pen Review: Aurora Optima


The Aurora Optima is one of my very favorite pens, which probably is obvious from the photo above.  I don’t really consider my Optimas a collection, because for me it’s really a workhorse pen, so it made sense to get a few of them.  Of course I exceeded “a few” some time ago.  But since I probably use at least one Optima daily, I’d like to review the pen and consider what makes it stand out for me.

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Aurora Optima

A friend asked me if I knew anything about Aurora fountain pens.  Only that I love them.


I will have to write up and post something about the Optima, since it’s one of my favorite fountain pens and I’ve been lucky enough to put together this small collection.  I have at least one of these filled and in use daily.  Today it’s the blue with chrome trim.