Pen of the Day: Kaweco Classic Sport with J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie


Kaweco Classic Sport with double broad nib. I’ve had so much fun with the various sparkly inks I’ve been using in the last two weeks that I couldn’t resist adding this inexpensive Kaweco Sport with double broad nib when I ran across it last week. This nib could swallow up three of my normal extra-fines and still have room for dessert.

The Kaweco Sport has become a favorite ink-testing pen lately, since I snagged my son’s two. I like that it comes in a demonstrator version, that I can use it as an eyedropper pen and that the nibs are decent and easily adjustable. And I’ll admit it: I really like sliding the ink around the barrel.


Ambre de Birmanie is a longtime favorite ink. It loves a medium nib or wider, but with that it’s surprisingly legible.  It shades gloriously. It is a great ink for fall.


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