Chicago Pen Show: Tally

Pens Purchased: Three.

Amount Spent: Eleventy zillion dollars.

Inks Purchased: Four.

Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green, which I’ve sampled and really like.

Graf von Faber-Castell Electric Pink, which had me at “electric pink.”

Montblanc Lucky Orange, which my friend Dan likes and I thought he might need. But then I forgot to tell him. So I guess we’ll find out if he reads the blog.

Diamine Earl Grey, which I really liked, though I wouldn’t have predicted that.

Inks I Forgot I Purchased: One. KWZ Hawaii Blue. It’s a KWZ, and it’s blue, so of course.

Inks Not Purchased: Two. I set aside KWZ Honey on Sunday, but forgot to go back to buy it. And I wanted another Papier Plume Da Blue, but forgot completely.

Lists Needed Next Year: “Don’t forget to buy these at the pen show.”

Pens Repaired: One. It took two wonderful pen repair people to do it.

Nibs Ground: None. I brought the nib, like last year, but forgot to bring it over, like last year.

Lists Needed Next Year: “Don’t forget to do this at the pen show.”

Thought That Just Occurred to Me: Perhaps a temporary tattoo would work better than a list.

Pens Sold: Seven or eight. Thanks, Rick.

Required Research on Nakaya pens at the Classic Pens Table : Probably 50-80 visits. But I mean, the show was four days.

Nakayas Now Needed: One. Nakai-ai in Unpolished Shu with Flex Double Broad Cursive Italic.

Best Thing: Meeting a pen friend from Michigan in person for the first time.

Next Best Thing: Lots of other nice people.

State With Highest Ratio of Incredibly Nice People: Iowa. Especially Nick, Diana, Paloma and Steve.

People I Could Have Talked to for Much Longer: On Saturday night it was three: Nicole, Trevor, and Laura. But every day, and every year, at the pen show it seems like I could just answer “everyone.”

Exact Moment My Brain Fried: 8:30 pm, Saturday night. Bang, fizzz, poof, gone.

Total Hours of Sleep Over the Three Nights: Twelve.

Number of Brain Cells Currently Functioning: Twelve.

Life-Changing Discovery: “Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew” from Starbucks.

Number of People Who Asked Me, “Are You Following Me Around?”: Four.

Number of People Who I Hope Were Kidding About That: Four.

10 thoughts on “Chicago Pen Show: Tally

  1. It was great to finally meet you, albeit briefly! I too did not take out my list until the day was over, too much excitement. Hope to go for more days next year.

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  2. There will be pictures I hope! πŸ™‚ Moss Green is a gorgeous ink, I have some inked up right now. It is my favorite green so far, and has been since I first tried it out. Nothing has topped it yet.

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I really like it, too. πŸ™‚ My first favorite green was J. Herbin Vert Empire, and I basically still feel that way, but there’s room for more. I love Caran d’Ache Delicate Green, too, and Stipula Verde Muschiato, and for a regular green, Kaweco Palm Green. Oh, Papier Plume Streetcar Green and the old Montblanc Jonathan Swift. And Sailor’s Waka-Uguisu. And KWZ Iron Gall Green Gold.

      I have gone from “who needs a green ink?” to “some of my favorite inks are green.”

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  3. Wow, it sounds a great, but exhausting show. I am glad to hear that you found some lovely pens and inks to buy. Meeting nice pen people is always great too. I will look forward to reading more about your purchases when you have had a few more nights’ sleep.😊

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  4. I envy the people you were following around. Sounds like a great, great show for you, and for everyone else, *because* of you (and the other wonderful people putting on the show). Start counting the days until next year…

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