It Is a Very Good Thing I’m Off Pens

Okay, I was supposed to be enabling everyone else last week. So what the heck? How is it fair, or right, for people yesterday to start enabling me? That is not how this is supposed to work. I am officially “off pens.”

But if that happened, hypothetically, and those very bad people did that, it’s possible I ended up buying another pen yesterday. But that probably would be okay, right? Because it’s totally their fault.

And then, if you think about it, I actually saved someone else from having to buy it. I mean, looked at a certain way, that’s helping others. Maybe, and I’m just going to say it, maybe I am a hero.

Which means, and again we’re talking hypothetically, if there were two pens, I’d be twice as good, right?

Well (and maybe don’t listen to this part) but what if there was a mechanical pencil, too? That’s a little harder to just glide over, perhaps. Maybe we’re on shaky ground when we come home with three writing instruments, when we are “off pens.” But if the pencil was included, say, in a set, then maybe it shouldn’t even count. I didn’t seek it; I had to take it. Also, looked at a certain way, I kept a family together; I did something good. Really, I’m seeing similarities to Clive Owen in Children of Men. And Pongo and Missis when they escaped with all the puppies, not just their own.

Well, wow. Good for me! Some people would reward themselves with a pen. But I’m not like that.

13 thoughts on “It Is a Very Good Thing I’m Off Pens

  1. Aren’t we all heroes, huh?!?

    I, for example, saved 132 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. These are really delicate and I could not stand the thought that these wonderful creamy pencils get in the hands of, ugh, nasty children. I got them for myself, I will treasure them and keep them and never let them roll down the desk onto the floor where they break and shatter and suffer, no, I will be as good a pencil mom as I am to each and every single one of my beloved fountain pens.

    Dang, am I good!

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  2. Well, that was truly noble of you, ridding the streets of these three tempting items that might otherwise have been someone else’s downfall. A Jotter that slays! And who can resist a mechanical pencil anyway. Not me (yesterday)(blush).

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    1. I only wish I were that level of hero.

      Instead, I’m more like the Dark Knight: not the hero we need, but perhaps the hero we deserve. Minus the butler and the really cool vehicles.

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  3. Wow – I had no idea what a hero I am. I could almost swear that you were watching over my shoulder last night, Laura, as I performed my (unknowingly) heroic deeds. There was a certain Kaweco Al Sport with a 1.1mm italic nib that needed a home (mine, of course), but would have been lonely and sad had I not adopted its siblings – a matching rollerball and .07mm pencil, to keep it company.

    We are such amazingly good-hearted people here in the fountain-Pen community!! 😍

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  4. So now I must ask, what other writing instruments were you forced unwillingly, kicking and screaming, to buy last week?

    I also saved some other people from having to buy the Vanness exclusive Franklin-Christoph 45. I’m with you on that. We’re both heroes.

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    1. It’s a sobering thought, our greatness….

      Just yesterday — not even over a full week, but a mere hour. Ouch.

      I’ll put up a few photos when I can, but a Parker 75 set (fountain pen and pencil) and then there was this Parker Jotter, which I know sounds meh but this one slays. 🙂

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